We currently do not have any games, however, in a few months we shall have at least a few under our proverbial belts. we are currently aiming to obtain:

Nuclear DawnEdit

A true FPS/RTS hybrid, and shaping up to be an excelent game.

Team Fortress 2Edit

How could we not?

Dawn of War II (+Chaos Rising)Edit

Dracocronos and Sabax already own this game, and are preparing to catapault us forward in the rankings when the time comes.

Global AgendaEdit

An unlikely addition, but this was the game that kickstarted the Tartarian Knights creation, however the members have since lost interest in this game.

Bioshock 2Edit

all of our members enjoyed dipping into the rusting hell known as rapture, and we are more than willing to do it again, with a few more skilled enemies to boot.

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