A list of our members steam id's, and a short description of each


== Dracocronos==

The founder and current leader of the tartarian knights, he is a well rounded gamer, whose true strength lies in expertise rather than pure skill.


Captain EpickEdit

One of our three lieutenants, along with Sabax and Mast3r, a fast learner, able to quickly go from complete noob to above average player, but rarely surpassing this. When he does however, he is a true force to be reckoned with.


One of our three lieutenants, along with Sabax and Captain Epick, he is another fast learner, and definitely knows his stuff, however he has yet to truly prove himself for the leadership role he currently possesses. Only time will tell.


A high ranking footsoldier, he is good all rounder, likely to be a major commander on the ground


One of our three lieutenants, along with Captain Epick and Mast3r, he is a skilled gamer, and the veteran of the team.

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